Huffines Commercial Program

As one of North Texas' leading Fleet and Commercial suppliers, Huffines has the experienced people and broad resources to positively impact your operations on a daily basis. Consider these cutting-edge benefits:


Our Fleet and Commercial Vehicle specialists know the ins and outs of how our products can help you perform at your best. Many of us have been in the business for decades. So, there's no guesswork. We speak your language and we have the know-how to get you to the right solution the first time...every time.


Huffines service means more. It's a matter of being continuously reliable and responsive. Analyzing equipment and helping evaluate your field operations. Creating detailed costs projections. Planning for variables. Helping you manage your costs and make good decisions. Communucating with you daily, weekly, and monthly. Keeping it always simple - and profitable - for you. Whether you're a one-man operation or running a fleet.


Comfortable. That's the word for dealing with Huffines. In every phase of our operations, we're open, approachable, non-intimidating. We listen, with an easy, unhurried attitude that says we're here to overcome even the biggest challenges - with imaginitive, sensible, down-to-earth solutions. No matter how pressing the question or circumstances, there's never any high pressure from us.


Huffines has what you need. Period. We work with market-leading supplies to assemble and maintain one of the largest and most varied product line of its kind in North Texas. Planting shrubs? We're the place that can help. Moving rocks? We're the place for that, too. And it's a place nearby, with a convenient Huffines location in Plano, Texas.


Huffines backs top-quality equipment with top-quality support. From technical consultation to financing programs. From quick-turn parts support to a spectrum of downtime-saving preventive maintenance plans. Huffines give you complete answers...taking care of all the details the way only a leader can.

Buying commercial vehicles can be a hassle if you don't go to the right place. Instead of relying on unverified, independent buyers, you can make Huffines CJDR Plano your commercial vehicle dealer and discuss your options with one of our friendly auto experts on staff. Below, you can explore the benefits of buying from Huffines CJDR Plano and the specific vehicles we offer.

Benefits of Buying Commercial Vehicles from a CJDR Dealership

If you don't choose a certified commercial dealership to purchase your commercial vehicles from, you may not end up with what you want. Purchasing several vehicles from noncertified locations can result in nonuniform vehicles that don't fit your brand's image. You might risk also getting a used vehicle with maintenance issues - which can be expensive to repair.

If you purchase your business's commercial vehicles from a certified CJDR dealership like Huffines CJDR Plano, you're sure to get peace of mind. We sell brand-new vehicles that your business can count on no matter how far your employees have to travel. Plus, we offer an in-house service center and a free program called BusinessLink for every business that buys one of our commercial vehicles. Enroll today, and you'll get a free shuttle service, extended service hours, and financing expertise.

Work Vans for Enclosed Storage

We have plenty of work vans for your commercial business in our inventory at Huffines CDJR Plano. Our vans have various purposes, making it easy for you to find the right ones for your business operations. For example, if you provide plumbing services or other on-the-go solutions for your clients, you can get a service utility van body when you purchase a Ram van.

We also have various types of cargo vans available. Some are empty cargo vans, which grant the driver ample storage. These may be useful to someone who owns a moving business and wants to transport many items in an enclosed space. You can also find upfitted cargo vans in our inventory that contain many storage compartments, allowing you to organize more items you have to transport. They can be useful if you perform repair work on homes and need convenient access to lots of tools.

Still, we have other kinds of vans available through our dealership. You might get a passenger wagon to transport people safely. This type can be useful if you have a customer-centric commercial business, such as an after-school karate program.

Pickup Trucks To Get Smaller Jobs Done

Some smaller-scale businesses may need pickup trucks to get their jobs done. For example, a landscaping business, mulching company, or painting business may benefit from a small fleet of pickup trucks. We have trucks like the Ram 1500, the Ram 2500, and the Ram 3500 that are ideal for commercial use. Whether you want to buy one truck or a sizable fleet, we can get you just what you need at a reasonable price. The beds allow for ideal storage, and you can easily hop in and out of the bed to access what you need.

Chassis Cabs for Towing

Depending on your commercial business, you may require something with a little more towing power. That's why we offer chassis cabs for towing the equipment of your choice. You can get multiple chassis cabs to tow your work equipment or transport items for sale. Your employees will be able to travel far and wide with these chassis cabs leading the way.

They're built to handle tough weather and rugged roads, so there's no need to worry if the routes you have in mind aren't ideal. Our Ram chassis cabs can handle any highway conditions they come across, and your drivers will work with peace of mind knowing they came with advanced safety features and reliable braking. Using these vehicles' mighty engines with impressive torque and horsepower, your employees will always feel powerful while commanding the road.

Join the Huffines Commercial Program

Here at Huffines CJDR Plano, we are one of the leading suppliers of fleets and commercial vehicles in northern Texas. We have an experienced team of experts ready to serve you, and we employ first-class service to ensure your business has what it needs to succeed. Our sales team knows all our Ram vehicles very well, and we can offer informed suggestions and support. We'll work with your budget to determine the best solution for your commercial vehicle requirements.

Our team understands that things change, so we're incredibly responsive and reliable. We'll evaluate your business's field operations to help you find equipment that benefits your employees the most. We'll also plan for variables, create detailed cost projections, and help you adhere to your budget. We strive to maintain consistent communication and keep you in the know about your commercial vehicles, no matter whether you're running a small operation or a large-scale venture.

Get Add-Ons for Your Vehicles

We aren't in the business of getting your business high-quality commercial vehicles and then leaving you on your own. Our team at Huffines CJDR Plano wants to meet all our clients' needs in the long term. We provide technical consultations to ensure that the vehicles are still meeting your business's needs months after the initial purchase. Our finance specialists can make adjustments to financing plans as necessary so your company can comfortably afford its commercial fleet.

When you purchase your commercial vehicles through us, you can also sign up for a regular maintenance plan. This kind of program can help you keep your vehicles in good condition. We'll inspect your vans or trucks, perform maintenance services, and address repairs in a timely manner. This way, you can focus on generating profits for your business, and we'll handle all the behind-the-scenes mechanic work.

If you need any kind of heavy-duty vehicles for your commercial business, be sure to contact our dealership at Huffines CJDR Plano today. You can send your inquiry to our general manager describing what you need and for what purposes. They'll use the information you send to create a plan and get you in touch with a team that'll deliver your business's new commercial vehicles.