Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

MOPAR Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

The Importance of Changing Engine Coolant

Your car's engine undergoes constant internal combustion, whether your driving to or from Carrollton or Frisco, and coolant (antifreeze) is an essential part of your car's continued performance.The coolant is engineered to remove excess heat from your engine. A Coolant flush helps regulate engine temperature, remove rust, debris, and improve your heating system's performance. Much like other automotive fluids, such as oil, coolant has to be refreshed and replaced when needed.

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When Does Coolant Need to Be Replaced?

An issue with coolant replacement is that there is no agreed-upon schedule of when you should do it. Depending on your automobile's manufacturer, the advised schedule could vary greatly. Some manufacturers suggest every 30,000 miles, some every 60,000 miles, and others up to 150,000 miles. In general, you should have your coolant tested periodically after its usage exceeds 50,000 miles to ensure it hasn't 'gone bad.'

Why Does Coolant Need Replacing?

As you drive to and from work in the Plano area your car's coolant works hard at keeping your engine temperature at the proper level. However, over time coolant can break down and become less effective; this is simply due to the passage of time. The coolant becomes acidic and can cause corrosion, damaging the radiator, water pump, and various engine components.

Is Not Changing Your Coolant Dangerous?

Engine coolant serves a vital role in your car's safety and continued performance. "Bad" coolant can lead to many issues, many of which can render your vehicle undrivable and stranded on a roadside. The issues degraded coolant can cause are performance, safety, and repair related. As coolant helps regulate temperature, if it goes bad, your car could quickly overheat. In some cases, it can affect your heating system and lead to complete engine failure, which may be impossible to repair. Also, degraded coolant can become acidic, causing damage to valves, pumps, and various engine components.


Finding the Right Shop

In the greater Plano, TX area, there is a wide assortment of independent mechanics, dealerships, and automotive maintenance chains. At Huffines Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Plano, we are dedicated to customer support and satisfaction. We offer amenities such as a courtesy shuttle, rental cars, a comfortable waiting area, beverages, coffee, workstations, fully certified technicians, extended service hours, Saturday hours, OEM parts, and more. Automobile owners in Plano and nearby communities such as Richardson, Carrollton, Frisco, and Garland are welcome to call us to schedule all their coolant and general automotive service needs.

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